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In the process of designing the STAND01 the primary focus has been creating a wardrobe expressing NICHBA-DESIGN’s overall design DNA. Sharp lines, simplicity and of course a light and floating expression. Additionally, it has been pleasing and exciting to challenge traditional wardrobe solutions by making it fully movable as well as beautiful and aesthetic to look at.

STAND01 is a module-based appliance where it is possible to add various accessories, which makes it a unique wardrobe furniture. Here is displayed how a traditional clothes hanger can be used, along with NICHBA-DESIGN’s MAGHANG & MAGHOOK. Additionally it is possible to purchase shoe racks, hat racks and other cool accessories that can personalize your wardrobe.

Use our magnetic accessories on STAND01, for example by showing your trendy coats on MAGHANG and hanging your favorite bag on MAGHOOK.

The STAND01 is made from prepaid booking via webshop. Production time is 6 weeks delivery time
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Størrelse 118 x 50 x 178 cm
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