For Nichlas B. Andersen, NICHBA-DESIGN started out as a hobby. During his time as a blacksmith apprentice, he spent several hours in the workshop on creating interior pieces for his own home. Working with steel seemed an obvious choice to him, since thereby he could develop his blacksmith competences, and not least learn about the material. From the very beginning his designs were made from the materials he was experienced with, and today cuts from the steelplates still figure as the silverlining throughout his productline. From the desire to build bridges between the raw look from the metal and the Scandinavian simplicity has evolved a new and streamlined look that reflects Nichlas’s mindset and passion for design. Since the beginning of NICHBA-DESIGN, it has been important to Nichlas not to forget where from it all began: “Denmark is a nation of proud craftsmen and I want to represent that too. It is important to me to maintain the traditions and craftsmanship.” NICHBA-DESIGN has since its beginning cooperated with local North Jutlandish suppliers and we will continue to do so in the future.


Our Team


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    Nichlas B. Andersen

    Partner & Product designer

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    Christoffer A. Sakstrup

    Partner & Sales Manager

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